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Islamic Empire

Islamic Empire History

The following is a list of Muslim empires and dynasties. It includes states, empires and dynasties with an Islamic foundation or other Muslim majority states ever to exist.
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History [edit]

In the few centuries after the life of Prophet Muhammed, Muslim armies poured out into all surrounding areas, bringing the lands from Persia to Spain under their control. With this huge amount of land under their control, the Umayyad (and later, the Abbasid) Caliphates allowed merchants and scholars to travel easily through western Eurasia, bringing goods and knowledge which the Muslims greatly expanded upon through the Caliphate and outward to less advanced regions, such as Western Europe. In 751, paper-making from China made its way to the West through Muslims. Trade introduced Islam to the Africans. In the Middle East, the success of Islam meant that culture would be changed forever. Even after the decline of the Abbasid Caliphate, Islam would remain as one of the base institutions of the region. Future states of the region, such as the Safavid, Seljuk, and Ottoman and Mughal Empires, were all "Islamic Empires".
Caliphates [edit]

Umayyad Empire at its greatest extent
The Rashidun Caliphate (632–661)
The Umayyad Caliphate (661–750) - Successor of the Rashidun Caliphate
The Umayyad Caliphate of Cordoba in Islamic Spain (756–929–1031)
The Abbasid Caliphate (750–1258) - Successor of the Umayyad Caliphaten
The Fatimid Caliphate (910–1171)
The Mamluk Caliphate (Bahri dynasty then preceded by Burji dynasty) (1250–1517)
The Ottoman Caliphate (1299–1923)
Regional empires [edit]

Arabia [edit]
Umayyad Caliphate (661–750 CE)
Abbasid Caliphate (750–1258)
Mahra Sultanate (774–present)
Hamdanid dynasty (890–1004)
Bani Assad (961–1163)
Numayrids (990–1081 AD) (Western Iraq)[1]
Marwanid (990–1085)
Uqaylid Dynasty (992–1169)
Artuqids (11th–12th century)
Burid dynasty (1104–1154)
Mirdasids (1024–1080)
Banu 'Ammar (1071–1109) Tripoli, Lebanon[2]
Zengid dynasty (1127–1250)
Ayyubid dynasty (1171–1341)
Baban (1649–1850)
Alawite State (1920–1936)
Hashemite Dynasty of Iraq (1921–1958)
Hashemite Dynasty of Jordan (1921–present)
Rashidun Caliphate (632–661 CE)
Ziyadid dynasty (819–1018)
Sharif of Mecca (864–1496)
Banu Ukhaidhir (865–1066)
Rassids (893–1970 AD)
Sharif of Mecca (967–1925)
Sulaihid State (1047–1138)
Banu ZARIE (Makarama) (1083–1200)[3][4][5]
Banu Hatem Alhmdanyen (1098–1174)[6][7][8][9]
Banu Masud (Makarama) (1093–1150) from Yemen[10]
Ayyubid dynasty (1174–1341)
Rasulid (1229–1454)
Kathiri (1395–1967)
Jabrids (15th–16th century)
Tahiride (1454–1526)
Sultanate of Oman (751–present)
Qawasim Dynasty (1727–present)
Qarmatians (900–1073)
Uyunid dynasty (1076–1240)
Usfurids (1253–1320 century)
Jarwanid dynasty (1305–1487)[11]
Sultanate of Lahej (1728–1744/1839)
Mahra Sultanate (18th century–1967)
Emirate of Diriyah (1744–1818)
House of Saud (1744–present)
House of Al-Sabah (1752–present)
Al Nahyan family (1761–present)
Ajman (18th Century–present)
Qawasim Dynasty (18th century–present)
Umm al-Quwain (1775–present)
Al Khalifa family (1783–present)
Emirate of Nejd (1818–1891)
Sultanate of Muscat and Oman (1820–1979)
Sultanate of Zanzibar
House of Thani (1825–present)
Al Maktoum (1833–present)
Emirate of Jabal Shammar (1836–1921)
Upper Yafa (19th century–1967)
Aden Protectorate (1869–1969)
Sharqi Dynasty (1876–present)
Qu'aiti (1902–1967)
Emirate of Beihan (1903–1967)
Kingdom of Hejaz (1916–1925)
Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen (1918–1962)
Mandatory Iraq (1920–1932)
Sultanate of Nejd (1921–1926)
Emirate of Transjordan (1921–1946)
Kingdom of Nejd and Hejaz (1926–1932)
Syrian Republic (1930–1958)
Kingdom of Iraq (1932–1958)
Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (1946–present)
All-Palestine Government (1948–1959)
Arab Federation (1958)
Republic of Iraq under Qasim (1958–1968)
United Arab Republic (1958–1971)
Federation of Arab Emirates of the South (1959–1962)
Federation of South Arabia (1962–1967)
Yemen Arab Republic (1962–1990)
Protectorate of South Arabia (1963–1967)
People's Democratic Republic of Yemen (1967–1990)
Federation of Arab Republics (1972–1977)
Democratic Republic of Yemen (1994)
Persia [edit]
Shirvanshah (799–1579 CE)
Dulafid dynasty (early 9th century–897)
Samanid dynasty (819–999)
Tahirid dynasty (821–873)
Saffarid dynasty (861–1003)
Alavids (864–929)
Sajids (889–929)
Ziyarid dynasty (928–1043)
Farighunid (late 9th–early 11th centuries)
Ma'danids (late 9th–11th centuries)
Ormus (10th–17th centuries)
Buyid dynasty (934–1062)
Sallarid (942–979)
Shaddadid (951–1199)
Rawadid (955–1071)
Hasanwayhid (959–1015)
Ghaznavids (963–1187)
Marwanid (990–1085)
Annazid (990–1116)
Hadhabani (11th century)
Seljuq dynasty (11th–14th centuries)
Ismaili State of Alamut(Iran) (1090–1256)
Ghurids (1148–1215)
Hazaraspids (1148–1424)
Khorshidi dynasty (1155–1597)
Mihrabanids (1236–1537)
Ilkhanate (1256–1335)
Sarbadars (1332–1386)
Jalayirids (1335–1432)
Chupanids (1335–1357)
Injuids (1335–1357)
Muzaffarids of Iran (1335–1393)
Timurid dynasty (1370–1526)
Kara Koyunlu (1375–1468)
Ak Koyunlu (1378–1508)
Musha'sha'iyyah (1436–1729)
Safavid dynasty (1501–1736)
Khanate of Erevan (1604–1828)
Quba Khanate (1680–1816)
Hotaki dynasty (1709–1738)
Talysh Khanate (1747–1826)
Baku Khanate
Afsharid dynasty (1736–1796)
Shaki Khanate (1743–1819)
Ganja khanate (1747–1804)
Karabakh Khanate (1747–1822)
Khanate of Nakhichevan (1747–1828)
Shirvan Khanate (1748–1820)
Zand dynasty (1750–1794)
Qajar dynasty (1794–1925)
Pahlavi dynasty (1925–1979)
Islamic Republic of Iran (1979–present)
Central Asia and China [edit]
Kara-Khanid Khanate (840–1212 CE)
Al Muhtaj (10th–early 11th centuries)
Khwārazm-Shāh dynasty (1077–1231)
Kartids (1231–1389)
Timurid dynasty (1370–1526)
Kazakh Khanate (1456–1731)
Khanate of Bukhara (1500–1785)
Mughal Empire (1526–1857)
Khanate of Khiva (1511–1920)
Khanate of Kokand (1709–1876)
Jahangiri (Gabari) Dynasty (1200–1531)
First East Turkestan Republic (Breakaway Republic) (1933–1934)
Second East Turkestan Republic (Soviet Satellite) (1944–1950)
South Asia [edit]
Soomra Dynasty, Soomra (1026–1351 CE)
House of Theemuge (1166–1388)
Jahangiri(Gabari) Dynasty (1200–1531)
Mamluk Sultanate (Delhi) (1206–1290)
Khilji dynasty (1290–1320)
Tughlaq Dynasty (1321–1398)
Samma Dynasty (1335–1520)
Sayyid Dynasty (1339–1561)
Ilyas Shahi dynasty (1342–1487)
Bahmani Sultanate (1347–1527)
Faruqi dynasty (1382–1601)
Hilaalee dynasty (1388–1558)
Muzaffarid dynasty of Gujarat (1391–1734)
Sharqi Dynasty (1394–1479)
Kingdom of Mysore (1399–1947)
Bahmani (1400–1600)
Malwa Sultanate (1401–1561)
Sayyid dynasty (1414–1451)
Lodi Dynasty (1451–1526)
Bidar Sultanate (1489–1619)
Berar Sultanate (1490–1572)
Hussain Shahi dynasty (1494–1538)
Arghun Dynasty (late 15th–16th centuries)
Mughal Empire (1526–1857)
Adil Shahi dynasty (1527–1686)
Suri Dynasty (1540–1556)
Arakkal (1545–18th century)
Utheemu dynasty (1632–1692)
Khan of Kalat (1666–1958)
Nawab of the Carnatic (1690–1801)
Isdhoo dynasty (1692–1704)
Dhiyamigili dynasty (1704–1759)
Hotaki Dynasty (1709–1738)
Nawab of Bhopal (1723–1947)
Nawab of Rampur (1719–1947)
Nawab of Awadh (1722–1858)
Hyderabad State (1724–1948)
Babi dynasty (1735–1947)
Durrani Empire (1747–1826)
Nawab of Bengal (1717–1880)
Huraa dynasty (1759–1968)
Tonk (princely state) (1798–1947)
Barakzai Dynasty (1826–1973)
Dominion of Pakistan (1947–1956)
Islamic Republic of Pakistan (1956–present)
Republic of Maldives (1965–present)
Peoples Republic of Bangladesh (1971–present)
Khairpur (princely state)
Nagar (princely state)
Hunza (princely state)
Bahawalpur (princely state)
Mirpur (princely state)
Kalat (princely state)
Las Bela (princely state)
Makran (princely state)
Kharan (princely state)
Amb (princely state)
Chitral (princely state)
Dir (princely state)
Hunza (princely state)
Jandol (princely state)
Nagar (princely state)
Phulra (princely state)
Swat (princely state)
Yasin (princely state)
Gilgit (princely state)
South-East Asia [edit]
Daya Pasai (1128–1285 CE).[12]
Bandar Kalibah.[13]
Moira Malaya.[14]
Kanto Kambar.[15]
Kedah Sultanate (1136–present)
Pasai (1267–15th century)
Brunei (14th century–present)
Sultanate of Malacca (1402–1511)
Pahang Sultanate (mid-15th century–present)
Sultanate of Sulu (1450–1936)
Sultanate of Ternate (1465–present)
Sultanate of Demak (1475–1518)
Aceh Sultanate (1496–1903)
Kingdom of Maynila (1500's–1571)
Mataram Sultanate (1500's – 1700's)
Pattani Kingdom (1516–1771)
Sultanate of Maguindanao (1520–c. 1800)
Sultanate of Banten (1526–1813)
Perak Sultanate (1528–present)
Johor Sultanate (1528–present)
Kingdom of Pajang (1568–1586)
Sultanate of Terengganu (1725–present)
Selangor Sultanate (mid-18th century–present)
Surakarta Sunanate (1745–present)
Yogyakarta Sultanate (1755–present)
Kingdom of Aman (1485–1832)
Palembang (1550–1823)
Turkey [edit]
Danishmends (1071–1178 CE)
Mengujekids (1071–1277)
Saltukids (1072–1202)
Sultanate of Rum (1077–1307)
Ahlatshahs (1100–1207)
Ayyubid dynasty (1174–1341)
Chobanids (1227–1309)
Karamanids (c. 1250–1487)
Pervâneoğlu (1261–1322)
Menteşe (c. 1261–1424)
Ahis (c. 1380–1362)
Hamidids (c. 1280–1374)
Ottoman Empire (1299–1923)
Ladik (c. 1300–1368)
Isfendiyarids (c. 1300–1461)
Teke (1301–1423)
Sarukhanids (1302–1410)
Karasids (1303–1360)
Aydinids (1307–1425)
Eretnids (1328–1381)
Dulkadirids (1348–c. 1525)
Ramadanids (1352–1516)
Hatay Devleti (1938–1939)
North Africa [edit]
Egypt and Sudan
Main dynasties
Tulunids (868–905)
Ikhshidid dynasty (on behalf of the Abbasid Caliph, 935–969)
Fatimid dynasty (based in Ifriqiya 909–969, based in Egypt 969–1171)
Ayyubid dynasty (based in Egypt 1171–1250, based in Syria 1250–1341)
Mamluks of Egypt (Bahri Mamluks 1250–1382, Burji Mamluks 1382–1517)
Khedivian dynasty (1805–1952)
Independent kingdoms in Egyptian and Sudanese soils
Banu Kanz (1004–1412)[17]
Sultanate of Darfur (1603–1874)
Ifriqiya (Eastern Maghreb)
Ifriqiyan dynasties
Aghlabids (on behalf of the Abbasid Caliph, 800–909)
Fatimid dynasty (based in Ifriqiya 909–969, based in Egypt 969–1171)
Zirid dynasty (on behalf of the Fatimid Caliph 973–1048, independent 1048–1148)
Hafsid dynasty (1229–1574)
Muradid dynasty (1613–1705)
Husainid Dynasty (on behalf of the Ottoman Caliph 1705–1889, independent 1956–1957)
Independent kingdoms on Ifriqiyan soil
Muhallabid principality (771–793 CE)
Libyan dynasties (after 1551)
Karamanli dynasty (on behalf of the Ottoman Caliph, 1711–1835)
Senussi dynasty (in Cyrenaica 1918–1951, Kings of Libya 1951–1969)
Maghreb al-Aksa (Western Maghreb)
Moroccan dynasties
Idrisid dynasty (788–974)
Almoravid dynasty (1040–1147)
Almohad dynasty (1147–1248)
Marinid dynasty (1244–1465)
Wattasid dynasty (1472–1554)
Saadi Dynasty (1554–1659)
Alaouite Dynasty (1666–present)
Independent kingdoms on Moroccan soil
Emirate of Nekor (710–1019 CE)
Barghawata kingdom (744–1058 CE)
Emirate of Sijilmasa (771–821 CE)
Independent kingdoms on Algerian soil
Rustamid principality (776–909)
Ifranid dynasty (790–1066)
Hammadid dynasty (1008–1152)
Ziyyanid dynasty (1235–1556)
Horn of Africa [edit]
Sultanate of Mogadishu (10th–16th centuries)
Ifat Sultanate (1285–1415)
Warsangali Sultanate (1298–present)
Adal Sultanate (c. 1415–1555)
Walashma Dynasty (14th–16th centuries)
Ajuuraan State (14th–17th centuries)
Aussa Sultanate (16th century–present)
Emirs of Harar (1647–1887)
Geledi sultanate (18th–19th centuries)
Majeerteen Sultanate (mid-18th century–early 20th century)
Kingdom of Gomma (early 19th century–1886)
Kingdom of Jimma (1830–1932)
Kingdom of Gumma (1840–1902)
Sultanate of Hobyo (19th century–1925)
Dervish State (1896–1920)
East Africa [edit]
Kilwa Sultanate (957–1513 CE).[18]
Pate Sultanate (1203–1870)
Sennar (sultanate) (1523–1821)
Sultans on the Comoros
Mudaito dynasty (1734–present)
Sultanate of Zanzibar (1856–1964)
Wituland (1858–1923)
Central & West Africa [edit]
Kingdom of Nekor (710–1019 CE)
Za Dynasty in Gao (11th century–1275)
Sayfawa dynasty (1075–1846)
Songhai Empire (c. 1340–1591)
Bornu Empire (1396–1893)
Kingdom of Baguirmi (1522–1897)
Dendi Kingdom (1591–1901)
Sultanate of Damagaram (1731–1851)
Imamate of Futa Toro (1776–1861)
Imamate of Futa Jallon (1727–1896)
Sokoto Caliphate (1804–1903)
Toucouleur Empire (1836–1890)
Sicily [edit]
Aghlabid Sicily (827–909) CE
Kalbids (948–1053)
Iberia [edit]
Caliphate of Córdoba (756–1017 CE, 1023–1031)
Taifa of Alpuente (1009–1106)
Taifa of Badajoz (1009–1151)
Taifa of Morón (1010–1066)
Taifa of Toledo (1010–1085)
Taifa of Tortosa (1010–1099)
Taifa of Arcos (1011–1145)
Taifa of Almería (1010–1147)
Taifa of Denia (1010–1227)
Taifa of Valencia (1010–1238)
Taifa of Murcia (1011–1266)
Taifa of Albarracín (1012–1104)
Taifa of Zaragoza (1013–1110)
Taifa of Granada (1013–1145)
Taifa of Carmona (1013–1150)
Hammudid dynasty (1016–1073)
Taifa of Santa María de Algarve (1018–1051)
Taifa of Mallorca (1018–1203)
Taifa of Lisbon (1022–1093)
Taifa of Seville (1023–1091)
Taifa of Niebla (1023–1262)
Taifa of Córdoba (1031–1091)
Taifa of Mértola (1033–1151)
Taifa of Algeciras (1035–1058)
Taifa of Ronda (1039–1065)
Taifa of Silves (1040–1151)
Taifa of Málaga (1073–1239)
Taifa of Molina (c. 1080's–1100)
Taifa of Lorca (1228–1250)
Taifa of Menorca (1228–1287)
Emirate of Granada (1228–1492)
Eastern Europe & Russia [edit]
Volga Bulgaria (7th century–1240s CE)
Emirate of Crete (820s–961)
Avar Khanate (early 13th–19th century)
Khanate of Kazan (1438–1552)
Crimean Khanate (1441–1783)
Nogai Horde (1440s–1634)
Qasim Khanate (1452–1681)
Astrakhan Khanate (1466–1556)
Khanate of Sibir (1490–1598)
Pashalik of Scutari (1757–1831)
House of Zogu (1928–1939)

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